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Meta description: We design custom trade show booths and have standard booth packages. Full-service delivery, installation, and dismantling. Furniture, AV, and flooring rentals.

Whistler Trade Show Booth Rentals and Services

Many events take place among the beautiful mountains of the world-famous Whistler. Rather than spending time and money shipping your trade show booth display, consider renting an exhibit that can be branded and customized to suit your needs. Since 2013, we have been providing full service from concept to delivery and services as a one-stop-shop for companies. You can also rent flooring, signage, electronics, furniture, and AV equipment.

Whistler Trade Show Booth Design

We have standard booth kits and totally customizable display options that can effectively showcase your brand identity and messaging.

Here is how we work with clients to build out their trade show booth design:

We first do an in-depth consultation to discuss your design requirements, needs, and budget
Our designer will present a 3D model of the trade show booth display and make any adjustments that are requested
We build the exhibit
Our team will send the booth and equipment to the trade show, install everything, and take care of dismantling

Advantages of Trade Show Services and Rentals in Whistler

There are many advantages to using custom trade show rentals in Whistler, especially if you are travelling from outside the province. It is a very convenient option for both local and international companies.

Benefits of using rental booth trade show services:

Renting a trade show display cost a third of the price of buying one
You won’t have to worry about the possibility of booth damage while it is being shipped from a long distance, which happens often
You can update your booth design every year with a new look and messaging
You can save on the costs of paying for ongoing storage and handling fees throughout the year, which you would have to cover with a purchased exhibit

Whistler Conference Facility Booth Rental Services

We have standard booth kits and fully customizable trade show display options in the following sizes:

10’ x 10’
10’ x 20’
20’ x 20’
20’ x 30’

We have a wide range of equipment that can be configured in many different styles to your preference. You can add chairs, tables, and other elements to create a welcoming environment for visitors.

Whistler Trade Show Booth Furniture Rentals and Installation

You can rent stylish furniture and any equipment you need to create a great atmosphere for visitors. To save you time, we take care of all of the trade show booth shipping, installation, and dismantling. When your team arrives at the event, everything will be set up and ready to go!

A major advantage of renting a custom exhibit design locally is it minimizes the risk of damage when a company ships a purchased booth from far away. The booth arrives in a crate and by the time it gets to the event, it’s too late to fix any equipment damage. Trade show displays often arrive in multiple crates and there have been times where crates can go missing. By renting with us, we have all of the equipment locally so we can safely handle all of your materials.

Whistler Trade Show Equipment Rental

We have a wide range of flooring designs, AV, and hanging signage that can be integrated with your trade show exhibit.

Trade show flooring rental

You can add more style to your display with our stylish rental flooring options, including interlocking tiles, wood flooring, and raised platforms. We can even brand the flooring with your company’s logo or any design you prefer.

Trade show flooring options:

Hardwood and laminates
Carpet and inlays
Rubberized surfaces

Whistler audiovisual equipment rentals

Take your trade show exhibit to the next level with our state-of-the-art AV equipment. Our team of specialists will set up the video, audio, and lighting to your preference to engaging more visitors.

Monitors and flat-panel TVs
Laptop and computers and iPads
Speakers and sound systems
Projectors and screens

3D hanging signage rental

Showcase your logo and brand identity with custom 3D hanging signs. We have a variety of sign shapes and can apply high-quality graphics with your company’s messaging.