Trade Show Workforce

Ensure that your team is entirely focused on preparing for the exhibition rather than worrying about the trade show exhibit installation & dismantle. Leave it to our expert team to completely handle setting up and dismantling your booth (whether it’s a rental display from us or your own booth). Our skilled labor and large network of partners enable us to streamline your installation/dismantle needs to lower risk and improve scheduling and efficiency.

Exhibit Installation

Picking the right trade show service provider is a vital part of having a seamless installation process. A great service provider will make the logistical and strategic challenges presented by a trade show easy to deal with. All our trade show experts have a comprehensive understanding of installing trade show exhibits in a number of different venues. From convention halls to event centers, hotel ballrooms to mall activations, we have built highly complex designs within the exact specifications of a given location to attract attendees with long range, mid range, and short range custom displays. Headache free and installed on-time, on budget.

Exhibit Dismantle

A common misconception regarding turnkey trade show services is that the dismantle is not as important as the design, install, or management during the show. Whether you are renting or buying a custom exhibit, your booths should be properly dismantled to avoid fines and damage with proper care by seasoned professionals, who understand the technical aspects of AV equipment, electrical, and more. Our dedicated staff will ensure that your trade show exhibit dismantle is executed efficiently and successfully.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the exhibit install and dismantle cost?

Pricing for install and dismantle varies dramatically from venue to venue and is totally dependent on the type of booth, the manpower needed, and the amount of time required. All of our workers are dedicated exhibit installers, and they work extremely quickly and efficiently, using their years of experience to minimize costs. Our workers don’t waste any time standing around waiting for directions or staring at setup instructions, they get to work on the booth and GET IT DONE.

How long will my booth take to install?

The installation time of a trade show booth or exhibit varies dramatically. The main factors are size of booth, complexity of design, and the booth system. The fastest booths to install are our Standard Rental Kits, some of these displays can be installed within 20 minutes while some of our large custom trade show exhibits can take several days. We have experience with all types of display systems and come prepared with all the supplies, tools and installation equipment required. Our knowledgeable and experienced team can coordinate the display installation and dismantle of your exhibit.

Do You Provide Staffing Support?

Talk to us about your staffing requirements for your trade show exhibit and we will assist in helping you with staffing requirements for your booth operations. We can give you 24/7 support access and one point of contact. When all is done, you have only one invoice including rental, graphics, AV, furniture, and flooring – so everything fits, connects, matches, and installs efficiently.


In the end, our ultimate goal is to save you money on your exhibiting costs while producing stellar trade show results with the most effective custom displays available, all within your budget. Remember, custom booth rentals don’t need to be boring or lifeless exhibits as they can be dynamic, attention grabbing and show stopping creations!

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