Standard Kit Rentals

Custom Kit Rentals: 10×10 and 10×20

When you’re putting time, effort and finances into attending a trade show, you want to make sure your efforts return a positive ROI. 10×10 and 10×20 inline booths are the most common sized display areas and with so many other booths around you, you will need to bring your A-game to capture people’s attention and meet your goals for the event. Our turnkey, custom kit rental display kits can help you create a visually impressive and highly functional trade show booth that will pull in and engage attendees.

If you rent your display directly from the trade show operator or show services provider, you will likely receive an overpriced, generic, and mundane booth with your branding just slapped on it.

We believe that your booth should be designed to display your marketing message in a clear and concise way. This marketing message should communicate the value of your product, the uniqueness of your service offering, and what differentiates your brand from your competitors. Remember having a booth that stands out is critical for success, as you are essentially competing against all surrounding booths and exhibits.

At Vancouver Trade Show Rentals, we have the rental options to make this happen. We can tailor a rental display kit to show off the unique benefits of your product, and we can customize it until you are happy. We have designed our custom modular inline rental kits in several standard versions with multiple variations and configurations available for companies in different niches and industries. We can assemble each of the kits into more than one design and actually have from 24 to 120 trade show booth display ideas in each kit.

The basic idea of our modular rental kit display systems is that you can assemble a custom trade show booth of any size simply adding and configuring different pieces and structures. These structures are coupled with high-quality, custom printed graphics, which utilize vibrant colors, state-of-the-art fabric material and printing processes to create an exhibit that matches your brand and will have an impact on your audience!

The “direct from show” rentals are expensive and are very low impact, low traffic solutions that simply don’t pull in prospects.

Compare these two 10×10 examples and you decide which booth has more impact!

Direct from Show RentalVs Our Custom Kit Rental

Our custom kits are designed to perfectly accommodate the dimensions and regulations of inline booths in a way that maximizes the space for engagement opportunities with potential clients and allows your company to make an impact.

Standing out among the many other inline booths can be a difficult challenge, so creating a unique display is essential if you want to attract people to your booth. Also, remember that a proper rental booth should meet your needs. Effective booth design is about standing out from the crowd and bringing customers to your booth to convert sales, but it also needs to work for your staff, functionally.

Once we have determined your booth’s functionality, then we work on transforming your display into a work of art through color, unique materials and branding to draw in attendees and make a lasting impression that will outshine the competition.

The process really couldn’t be any simpler for you. Contact us about your show and we’ll come up with a solution. We can utilize one of the rental kits, pulled from our extensive inhouse inventory, then we produce your high impact graphics, we accessorize the booth with counters, monitors, flooring, furniture, and finally we install the entire trade show booth display for you.

So the question is….Why pay more to rent this:

When you can rent this for less?

Don’t forget our full service rental solutions,we manage all the trade show logistics for you, so you enjoy a full turnkey trade show!


In the end, our ultimate goal is to save you money on your exhibiting costs while producing stellar trade show results with the most effective custom displays available, all within your budget. Remember, custom booth rentals don’t need to be boring or lifeless exhibits as they can be dynamic, attention grabbing and show stopping creations!

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