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Trade Show Graphics & Branding

At trade shows, exhibitors gather with the goal of making a favorable impression on visitors, ultimately hoping to win new customers, gain exposure to potential clients and reinforce relationships with existing ones.

We’ve all heard the expression; you never get a second chance at a first impression. This saying is particularly true when it comes to trade shows. Trade show graphics can help ensure that your brand makes an impact and is noticed, or they can just disappear into the background and be lost on the show floor.

What Are Trade Show Graphics?

Trade show graphics are the printed visual assets that a brand displays on their exhibition booth. They are generally referred to as two-dimensional assets, though they can be displayed in dynamic, three-dimensional formats. In most cases, trade show graphics integrate short text and images to convey branding messages. In the end, trade show graphics are a crucial piece of the puzzle when it comes to creating a positive and memorable experience of your brand for attendees.

Why are trade show graphics so important?

For most trade show exhibitors, their primary goal is drawing attention and getting brand exposure. Trade show graphics are a crucial piece of the puzzle when it comes to creating a positive and memorable experience of your brand with attendees. The Center for Exhibition Industry Research reports that trade show attendees generally devote approximately just three seconds to determining whether they will visit a booth. That means you have a three-second window to convince someone that your brand is worth their time.

Placement of Trade Show Graphics

Where and how you place your trade show graphics can have a huge impact on the number of visitors your booth attracts. After all, your graphics need to be seen to be effective.

The distance at which they can be seen, the size and placement, and the colors and clarity, are all important consequences for the design of your display graphics.

Placement dictates size, and, in turn size dictates the distance they can be seen from.

When working on graphics, our designers visualise graphics in 3 different sizes and areas:

1. Long-Range Graphics

Long-range graphics are meant to be seen and understood from far distances.

Think of hanging signs and structures.

When it comes to long-range graphics, the higher the placement, the better. Ideally, your long- range graphics will be visible and legible to attendees who are at the furthest point away from your booth in the exhibition hall. Much like a billboard, these graphics need to be simple and impactful, serving as a “beacon” and driving across a clear message for your booth.

Place these custom graphics so that they are visible from the high traffic areas of the event, such as the entrance, lounge, or dining area.

2. Mid-range graphics

Mid-range graphics are meant to be seen from neighboring booths and by attendees travelling the aisles.

Think of mid-range graphics as a means of luring attendees in from the aisle and away from competitors. This is where you can introduce elements of your unique sales proposition with enticing features like show giveaways, swag items, and images that speak to the lifestyle and interests of your target demographic.

While mid-range graphics do need to be legible from several feet away (ideally 10 feet), they don’t need to be as stripped-down as long-range graphics. Because the goal of mid-range graphics is to create interest, these graphics should convey enough information to make anyone who sees it want to learn more. Often questions make great content for mid-range graphics since they beg to be answered!

3. Short-Range Graphics

Short-range graphics are designed to be those that are only legible to the people who have already stopped into your booth. Smaller typefaces and longer messages are the norm.

Short-range graphics capitalize on the interested attendees that are visiting your booth and have already expressed and focus on your offerings.

Short-range graphics are the place for the details that truly seal the deal. Think about your unique product features and benefits, history of the company, even the stories of your brand’s successes. Short-range graphics are a great place to print off long-form text, more intricate graphics, and practical details like contact information.

There is a lot of work that goes into properly designing, printing, and setting up incredible trade show graphics that will attract visitors. But done well, the returns for your brand will be immeasurable.

We have in-house designers who can create a layout that will be striking and effective. We are experts at incorporating your brand and message into a trade show display.


In the end, our ultimate goal is to save you money on your exhibiting costs while producing stellar trade show results with the most effective custom displays available, all within your budget. Remember, custom booth rentals don’t need to be boring or lifeless exhibits as they can be dynamic, attention grabbing and show stopping creations!

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