Custom Booth Rentals

At Vancouver Trade Show Rentals, we specialize in designing and delivering impactful custom displays that draw people’s attention and elevate your brand’s awareness level. Our custom booth rentals efficiently showcase your brand, your products, and your services.

When you participate in a trade show event, you will be surrounded by a variety of trade show exhibits, with flashy displays and engaging activities, with multimedia elements, and with high-impact graphics. Every exhibitor is busy competing for the spotlight, and all are trying to connect with attendees.

Rental exhibits often look the part, so to speak, in that they feature lackluster designs, few opportunities for customization, and no small amount of wear and tear. However, our custom exhibit booth and rental properties have evolved to the point where they are practically indistinguishable from custom owned exhibits, meaning you don’t have to sacrifice visual impact by renting instead of buying.

Our talented and professional in-house designers create stunning and appealing custom trade show rental designs that are both functional and cost-effective. We take the time to ensure that all your specific requirements and goals are met and that the rental exhibit totally represents your brand. And since a trade show display is about visually showcasing your vision, we ensure that what we deliver is a custom personalized exhibit that doesn’t look like a generic, show-supplied rental. We create beautiful, demand-driving trade show rental booths that boost foot traffic and drive quality leads to your business.

We’ve simplified the complex development and design process and made event logistics and sourcing a trade show rental booth easier than ever. We enable unique, engaging trade show experiences with our distinctively clear designs and our design development experts work closely with you through every step of planning and execution.

Custom Booth Rental Steps

  1. First you reach out and contact our team to discuss your business, share your vision and tell us your goals.
  2. Then stand by as our team of experts design and develop a layout and concept for your ideal rental booth.
  3. You then approve our design solution presentation and pricing quotation.
  4. Our team takes over to completely manage the shipping, loading and logistics from start to finish.


In the end, our ultimate goal is to save you money on your exhibiting costs while producing stellar trade show results with the most effective custom displays available, all within your budget. Remember, custom booth rentals don’t need to be boring or lifeless exhibits as they can be dynamic, attention grabbing and show stopping creations!

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