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Trade Show Booth Design

Think about this for a minute: You’re walking around a shopping mall and happen to see a store with blacked-out windows, no logos, images, or even text to hint at what’s inside. Unless you’re uber curious and have time to burn, you probably just walk on by.Well, trade shows are like shopping malls and the same concepts are at play, lots of exhibitors, each vying for attention, and each trying to pull you in.

In a tradeshow, even the most willing attendees won’t step a foot inside your space unless: a) they can see enough to determine what you’re offering and that it’s of value to them, and/or b) your exhibit contains a hint of something exciting inside that they simply can’t resist.We know that organizing a successful trade show takes a lot of time and effort. Exhibit design, like any other process, is about creating something that serves a purpose, evokes a reaction, drives across a message, and satisfies the needs of not only the exhibitor, but also the attendee.

Our expert designers have years of experience designing structures and graphics that get noticed. Our diverse experience in both portable and large scale custom booth design enables us to create an ideal display for your event.
Our approach is unique, we will start the process by examining your exhibit from the attendees’ perspective. Planning and analyzing what structure will best represent your company logo or brand and be visible enough to attract attention as attendees look at your booth from various angles.Then focusing on how we position high impact images, visible branding and clear text that quickly tells what you’re offering.

Our deep dive, first consultation, helps us determine the best structure, styles and effects that will command audience response while delivering your message, your brand, and the desired next steps in the journey. In our first conversation we’ll ask the questions which help us get to the heart of what makes your brand and message unique and ultimately what differentiates you from your competitors. Then we take that information and the custom design magic starts.

Booth Sketch…..Booth Rendering…..Booth Photo.

Common Booth Design Questions

What Does Your Design Process Entail?

First we do an in-depth design and needs analysis (discovery interview). Once we fully understand your requirements and budget for your tradeshow booth, we will proceed to produce sketches and renderings that we present to you along with pricing estimates.Your feedback on these will help us shape the concept and identify branding potential for graphics. Ultimately the sketches and renderings become the “blue prints” for building instructions as we break down how to assemble your custom booth. Graphics and branding components are then fabricated and details including furniture, displays and finally lighting and audio-visual components make it all come together for a world class trade show display exhibit.

How Much Does Your Design Process Cost?

Our design costs are very economical because our staff are trained and experienced in creating booth layouts for tradeshows. Our designers work in booth design full time, so they work quickly and efficiently. Saving time and money. Minimizing your expense every step of the way.

In the end, booth design costs are simply included in the scope of your project. If at any time you don’t like the direction of the design offered in the consultation, everyone can walk away with no strings attached.

Will I Own The Design When Complete?

Yes, once complete and paid for, the content and layouts we design for your trade booth are yours to keep. Same goes for all the physical graphics and signage we make, it’s all yours to keep. In fact, we have many clients who “repurpose” their booth graphics designs and use them in other materials. Using them in brochures and on their web pages.

Btw, you’re also able to buy our rental hardware after the show.We offer you the option of “keeping” your rental display at a heavily discounted rate.


In the end, our ultimate goal is to save you money on your exhibiting costs while producing stellar trade show results with the most effective custom displays available, all within your budget. Remember, custom booth rentals don’t need to be boring or lifeless exhibits as they can be dynamic, attention grabbing and show stopping creations!

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