20×20 Booth Rental Design Ideas

Make a splash at the trade show with an engaging, high-visibility 20×20 custom booth rental. 20×20 booth rentals are a fantastic opportunity because the booth size isn’t so small that the exhibitor has limited space to move around or display their products and other important company information. It also isn’t so large that exhibitors are obligated to spend beyond their budget to create a stunning booth. 

A 20×20 booth rental can definitely stand out from the crowd if it is well-designed and executed. Curious to know how you can do this? Well, here’s a list of 20×20 booth rental design ideas that you might want to try and implement.

Maximize your space by building up 

The 20×20 booth rental offers a lot of space for exhibitors to display their products, show important company information, and comfortably interact with their potential customers. To maximize your space, you can also take advantage of the opportunity to build up from the ground or hang graphics down from above. The 20×20 gives you a clear height advantage offering enhanced visibility and a solid, visual presence that can be seen from a distance. We recommend that 20×20 booths “use the airspace” above their booth to help catch the eye of the attendees, particularly when the trade show is crowded.

Add comfortable, brand-reinforcing furniture

20×20 booths often incorporate furniture and seating areas. Furniture helps create a welcoming atmosphere for your visitors and it adds an element that can be used to enhance your brand and create a tone within your booth. Choose furniture that fits with your company brand and appeals to your industry. Furniture also serves a practical purpose so consider 

adding seats if your team is doing product demo’s or stools if there are people interested in  viewing a product at a table. 

High-quality graphics

Having high-quality graphics is essential to standing out among the competition at a busy event. Your brand logo and messaging are the first things people will see when viewing your booth. So it’s crucial that your graphics make a great impression and that they feel more inclined to stop by and check out your products and services.

A 20×20 trade show display is often an island configuration which means people will be able to approach your booth from all angles. A 3D hanging sign or a tower with your brand and key messaging that can be seen from any direction is a great way to attract attention from a distance. Ensure that no side of your booth is closed off to people so they can come in and interact with your staff and remember, the 20×20 booth rental gets more traffic, thanks to multiple entry points and more room.


Flooring is a design element that’s often overlooked but actually has a major impact on your booth’s appearance. In order to have a booth that’s aesthetically pleasing, it’s important to incorporate flooring that matches your brand.

Use a floor design that works with the booth and still looks elegant and professional. You can go for typical flooring with one color or you might want to consider using a customized one with graphics. 


Another great way to make your booth stand out is by adding lighting. There are a variety of lighting options to choose from including LED lighting and spotlights. You can combine different kinds of lighting such as sconces and overhead fixtures and place the lights at certain places. Don’t be afraid to get creative here! 

Back wall and fabrics

It may not have occurred to you when you started planning your booth design, but you can consider adding a back wall. The 20×20 comes with a lot of space, so a back wall that is well-designed can attract the attention of visitors. To make the most out of the trade show display, you can plaster your branding graphics onto the back wall. That way, people won’t miss it when they check out your booth.

Incorporating fabrics into your design is another way to enhance your booth’s aesthetic. And if you combine a backlight with the fabric, the overall look will give off a sleek and elegant feel.  


To make your 20×20 trade show booth more engaging and modern, consider adding monitors. Monitors can be used to incorporate sound and motion into your booth, giving it more life.  Content could be a high-quality rolling video of your products and key messaging to attract attention or they can also be used to show a demonstration of your products and services. Having a monitor or two in your booth makes the experience more engaging and immersive for all your guests. 

Manage the flow of traffic

With all the ideas mentioned above, you might be tempted to go over the top and add every design element without thinking too much about traffic flow. Try to resist this temptation because you might end up with a booth that’s so busy and closed that it would be hard for people to move around. When designing your booth, think about the flow of traffic. Think about the multiple points of entry and exit. How are attendees going to get in and out of your booth?


The 20×20 booth is one of the most preferred and common rentals for custom trade show displays. This size gives exhibitors a lot of room to move around, show off their products and services, and accommodate interested participants. It’s also easy to customize the booth with a great design without having to spend a lot of money. In short, the 20×20 booth has great potential. 

So, what are you waiting for? Rent a 20×20 booth now, follow the suggestions above to create a great first impression to visitors, and have a fantastic time during your trade show.

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