10×20 Booth Design Ideas for Trade Show Rentals

Trade show booth rentals come in a wide variety of sizes and styles, and one of the most common choices is the 10×20 booth. The 10×20 display is cost-effective and offers more room for you to exhibit your products and services. There are different ways you can create an engaging display exhibit to stand out at a busy event. A key component is by having visually stunning designs and using multimedia elements. 

Here are some tips to help with your 10×20 booth design ideas for trade show rentals. 

Design Ideas for 10×20 Booth Rentals

Before you get into the nitty-gritty details of designing your booth rental and graphics, you first need to determine what kind of 10×20 booth structure best suits your needs.. This is a crucial step because it ultimately determines what your booth looks like and the type of client interactions you will have at the show. The booth structure is really the palate surface for your messaging.

In a 10×20 trade show rental booth, the following are the most popular styles:

Tension Fabric Tube Display

Tension fabric is exactly what the name suggests – it is a special fabric that, when stretched taut and when printed by a good dye sublimation printer, is able to provide a very high-quality image or graphic for anyone to see. It is inherently lightweight and durable, made to stretch and be wrinkle resistant. The tension fabric booth is arguably the most popular type of trade show booth because it’s modern looking and convenient to use. You can easily set this booth by yourself or with the help of your co-workers. It’s a simple to use, high visual impact type of booth that offers a great opportunity to highlight your brand logo and important business information. If you’re planning to use this type of booth, we can help you brainstorm how you can design it to make it look totally unique. 

Pop-Up Booth

The Pop-Up booth is primarily characterized by its expandable frame constructed of fully recyclable aluminum. It’s a collapsible framework that is compact and easy to set up. An “accordian” style framework that can be configured into a number of different sizes and widths. In these different widths, pop up booths are offered in a concave curve, a flat shape, a gull-wing shape, and also as a serpentine or “S” shape. Some designs, particularly the flat floor height flat designs, offer sidewall returns too. Pop-ups are Eco-friendly, affordable and easy to use. They are one of the most popular systems on the market and they incorporate high resolution, fabric dye-sublimation graphics.

Hybrid Modular Displays

A hybrid trade show display is the description applied to a new generation of displays that are characterized by rigid extrusion frames coupled with tension fabric graphics. If modern looks and customization are important then Hybrid Modular Displays are the crystal-clear choice. Hybrid Displays are a step up from pop-up displays. Made from durable lightweight aluminum extrusion and tension fabric graphics. The term “hybrid” comes from the fact that fabric graphics used to only be used on lighter weight popup displays, but are now being used on aluminum extrusion hybrid displays, Options that can be incorporated include: canopies; printed or frosted plex wings; monitor mounts; workstations; locking counters etc. 

Cutting edge design and hybrid modular construction makes these displays the “designers” design solution. 

Modular Backlit Trade Show Displays

Backlit Trade Show Display kits are the hottest trend in the trade show industry mostly because they GRAB ATTENTION! 

Illuminating the fabric graphic with LED lights placed on the inside means that attention is increased exponentially on the outside! When you turn the lights on, the real benefit of a highly engineered backlit display becomes clear. You’ll see the graphics POP, but the backlighting is designed to provide smooth and even lighting, to prevent hot-spots.

Fabric Backlit Trade Show Displays feature long lasting and highly portable LED light bars or fluorescent light tubes in the lighting kits. We offer many standard size backlit light box fabric trade show displays for rent and we can also build customized backlit walls if you need them to integrate into existing designs. 

Custom Built Displays and Components

Inline 10 x 20 booths can be dull and boring, but they can also be exciting and engaging. Options for a 10×20 inline space can be limited because normally you can’t have structure taller than 8’ or hanging signs, and there are usually restrictions on the elements you can put into your space.  But inline custom exhibits can be as exciting as larger island structures or peninsula displays because the display and components can be “one of a kind” creations.  Our exhibit design team creates beautiful inline custom trade show booth displays that bring your brand to life and transform your message into a unique and delightful experience.

Trade Show Flooring

If you want a booth design that’s both simple and sophisticated, then you can get 10×20 trade show flooring. We can create custom floors to feature your brand logo, product graphics, and other vital business information on the carpet or flooring material of your choice. 

Layout your booth wisely

Once you’ve chosen the booth type and configuration you want, it’s time to start designing. This is a crucial step because there are many other booths in the trade show, so you need to stand out to attract an audience. If you come to a trade show with a boring booth, then no one would want to stop by and your booth traffic will be reduced.. 

In order to make the most out of your trade show booth, here are some tips and tricks that you can consider when designing.

Invest in high-quality graphics and backdrops

In this technology-driven world, digital storytelling is essential — especially if you’re showcasing your business and products at a trade show. Because of this, you’d need high-quality, high impact graphics for your brand logo, messaging, and other important information (e.g., details about your products or services). So, make sure you hire an outstanding graphic designer for your booth.

These graphics should also be clear — your potential customers shouldn’t have difficulty seeing, reading or understanding them. For this reason, you need to place your graphics in a large, visible area. This is where wide backdrops come in. If you decide to include a wide backdrop for your 10×20 booth, it will be the first thing your customers see, and so you should take advantage of this moment by having your brand logo and messaging on it. 

Make use of lighting

Another design element that you might want to add is lighting. When used properly, lighting can create a striking effect and leave a memorable impression on people. Lighting also makes your booth more aesthetically pleasing, so it’s really just a good idea to include it.

So, invest in lightboxes, LED’s, or other lighting fixtures you can find. Try experimenting with different lighting types, shapes, and colors as well — you never know what combination will enhance your booth. 

Consider adding a designated sitting area

The 10×20 booth comes with a lot of space, so why not add a designated conversation or sitting area? After all, when you attract a potential customer, they might want to take the time to learn more about your business and products, and this conversation might become a long one. So, for your comfort and theirs, you should include a sitting area where the two of you can talk. Having a meeting area will also free up space and make your booth less crowded, which is an added bonus.

Consider holding free giveaways

Having eye-catching graphics and design undoubtedly gets you an audience — but you might still be wondering if there’s something else you can do to attract more attention. Luckily, there is still one suggestion that you should try: holding mini-games and hosting free giveaways. 

People love getting free stuff, and they also love winning prizes. If it’s possible, the prize could be one of your products. Because of this, you should consider incorporating games. They don’t have to be elaborate. Having trade show games and giveaways is also fun and engaging. And who doesn’t want to have fun during a trade show?


Custom trade show displays have a wide variety of styles and sizes, and the 10×20 booth is one of the most preferred choices. After all, it offers enough space for you to endorse your business and your products, and it’s easy to customize. If you’re planning to rent a 10×20 booth for your trade show, simply follow the tips and tricks above, and your trade show will definitely be a memorable experience.

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