Top 5 Benefits of Renting Custom Trade Show Displays

Are you still trying to decide whether you should own or rent your custom trade show

If so, you should consider these 2 questions:
● Do you want to update your booth easily and cost-effectively?
● Do you want to attract as many visitors as possible without spending an excessive amount of money?

At Vancouver Trade Show Rentals, we specialize in designing and delivering impactful
expo booth displays that draw people’s attention spread brand awareness, and
efficiently showcase your brand's products and services. Our talented and professional
in-house graphic designers create stunning and appealing trade show booth designs
that are both functional and cost-effective.

We ensure that all your specific requirements and goals are met and that your rental
exhibit represents your brand. And since trade show display is about visually
showcasing your vision, we ensure that we deliver a personalized exhibit that doesn’t
look like a generic, show-supplied rental.

Top Benefits of Rental Custom Trade Show Displays

To help you maximize your next expo display, here are the top benefits of booking a
custom trade show rental display.

  1. Eliminate the unexpected and excessive fees of owning a trade show display

One of the top benefits of choosing a custom trade show booth rental is that you can
save yourself from all of the expenses normally associated with owning an expo display.
These are just some of the fees you save on when you rent rather than buy:

● You can skip storage charges, warehousing, refurbishing, insurance premiums,
and recurring maintenance costs. From an accounting perspective, rental
exhibits are also paid for as a one-time expense rather than a depreciating asset.
● The cost of people inspecting, preparing, sending the trade show display to the
next destination, and then hiring labor to install it.
● Cost of updating the appearance of trade show booth

If you need your trade show exhibit in another country, you also don’t have to deal with
the stress and use more resources to work with shipping companies and custom brokers. Often companies may face shipping delays at the border, risking your exhibit
not arriving on time for the event.

Renting a trade show booth is much more cost-effective and convenient compared to buying one. We always offer standout trade show displays within clients’ budget with no surprise fees.

2. Renting gives you the flexibility to update your display design

Choosing a custom rental trade show display gives you the flexibility to change the
display style every show and allows you to keep up with trends and reflect your updated
branding. Prior to their show, we conduct a thorough consultation with our clients to
bring their vision to life and make sure it’s entirely personalized. We review the colours,
messaging, and configuration to create the right visuals and atmosphere for visitors.

Trade show booth rentals provide you flexibility to try new marketing approaches, ideas,
or concept that favors your brand. When you own a trade show display booth, not only
are there ongoing costs of maintaining it, but it will cost more money and more difficult
to change elements to update the appearance.

3. Provides an impactful trade show booth design that drives attendees to your booth.

Most modern exhibitors are creating experiential marketing booths to garner more
attention and get more traffic. Busier booths mean more leads and more prospects. We
have an inventory of audio and visual equipment as well as furniture that can be rented
to engage more visitors. Our clients use this equipment to do product demonstrations,
highlight corporate vides and reinforce branding.

We always use state-of-the-art graphic design and visuals. For clients who have a
bigger display booth, we also make 3D hanging signs that are more visible across the

4. Elevate your brand one step above of competitors

Custom trade show displays play a vital role in making your brand known. We can
convey your brand on different aspects of the display booth, including the floors! We
can design custom flooring to make it even more personalized.

Some clients add images of their feature products on their booth walls or key benefits.
We recommend a more visual focus for the display while minimizing the number of
words in the design.

The technology of graphics, interactive elements, and design is continuously evolving at
trade show events and conventions and it’s important to keep up with the trends to
stand out from the competition. Everyone is fighting for the spotlight at events and
conventions. The more visitors you get, the more potential leads you can convert.
We know you don’t want to just blend into those crowd of expo booths. Choose custom
rental trade show displays to showcase your brand, to make it highly appealing and


Exhibiting with a custom trade show rental display will save your money, resources, and
time. And with the right trade show booth rentals, you will skip the display ownership
cost while enjoying all of these stellar benefits:

1. Skip all the unexpected fees of owning a trade show display
2. Gives you the flexibility to update your display design
3. Provides an impactful trade show booth designs that drive leads
4. Make your brand one step ahead of competitors


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