How to Design an Exceptional Experiential Trade Show Booth

Do you want to transform your trade show booth rental into an attention-grabbing, experiential trade booth for your next event?

When you participate in a trade show event, you will be surrounded by a variety of trade show exhibits, some with flashy displays and engaging activities, some with multimedia elements, and some with high-impact graphics. Every exhibitor is busy competing for the spotlight and all are trying to connect with attendees. However, some exhibitors still fall behind because they lack ideas about how to design a trade show booth that really works. Luckily, with over 20 years of experience, Vancouver Trade Show Rentals have already mastered the major aspects of creating experiential trade show events. 

We know that a run-on-the-mill, sloppy expo booth can be a major “turn-off” in an exhibition event. A lackluster booth pushes potential clients over to the other exhibitors and reduces your chances of success. 

We make an experiential trade show display that fully highlights the uniqueness of your brand and works to “pull” attendees into your booth.

Avoid missing opportunities to engage attendees by executing best practices to stand out from the crowd. We understand how challenging it is to stand out on a crowded show floor full of engaging and snappy expo booths. So here are our top tips that will help give you an exceptional trade show booth that is one step ahead of your competitors.

7 Tips in Designing an Exceptional Trade Show Booth

1. Include engaging colors and contrast to set your booth’s mood

Our trade show rentals specialists understand how the right color combination sets the mood for your booth. We can make your brand highly recognizable to the attendees by applying the right color combination and contrasting levels to your designs. We can also align the colors to the brand messaging to highlight the company’s vision and values

When it’s appropriate and if it fits with your brand, bright colors can add spice to your trade show booth rental and highlight essential display elements of your booth, such as text or brand messaging.

When choosing colours, we consider all of the factors including your target audience and brand messaging. By understanding your target audience as much as possible, you can create a more engaging trade show display that will resonate with them.

2. Convey clear and consistent messaging and branding

Trying to highlight and present all of your product features on a trade show booth is often not advisable as it can convey a vague and confusing message to your audience. Instead of trying to include all those features, formulate one specific and unique theme and then work to carry that throughout your booth’s messaging. Focus on your unique value proposition and make a statement that clearly expresses your product or service’s distinct selling points to potential customers. At Vancouver Trade Show rentals, we ensure that our client’s custom trade show display communicates their message and works to instill it with the audience.

In addition to messaging, we ensure that our client’s company logo and branding are consistently displayed throughout the expo booth. The branding elements and messaging in the booth should also match the marketing materials.

3. Share your brand’s story in the most creative way

One of the best ways to make an experiential trade show booth unique is to tell the story behind your company’s success. In our 20 years of experience, we have observed that most companies commonly focus the display on their main products. They showcase their logo, brand messaging, and some outstanding graphic elements. However, one crucial thing is missing—a compelling brand story. 

As much as possible, we try to creatively incorporate our client’s brand story into their displays, layout designs, graphics, and messaging. In that way, we can help our clients attract attendees and gain their trust.    

4. Showcase your products in your exhibit in a unique way

Many trade show exhibitors participate in trade show booth events only to raise brand awareness. But, we often encourage our clients to try and incorporate their products into their custom trade show rental display. Not only will it work to showcase your products, but it will also make your display unique and extraordinary. 

For example, if your business offers wall decors for bedrooms, we can design your booth like a small bedroom containing some of your wall decor products. So, attendees will not only know what your company offers but also have a chance to see your actual products. 

5. Enhance the visibility of your displays through proper lightning

There are many ways to use lightning and you should work to maximize them in your booth. Some companies use brighter lights to highlight specific products while others may use accent lighting to coordinate and tie into corporate branding.

In addition to renting out visually stunning custom trade show booth displays, we rent audio/visual equipment. We will discuss what kind of experience and interaction you want participants to have when they visit your booth and recommend the type of lighting to help you achieve that goal.

6. Leave open spaces in your custom trade show display layout

Exhibitors often think that maximizing floor space with structures, furniture, products and other items helps make the exhibit stand out in the show. However, covering your entire area is often not a good idea. It is crucial to leave open spaces in your exhibit to make it cleaner, inviting and visually more appealing. Often “less is more” when it comes to designing your layout.

We always ensure that before placing all the needed materials, we have reviewed it to ensure that it is a good layout, taking full advantage of the principles of equal proportion of space. This allows people to walk around comfortably, throughout your trade show exhibit. 

7. Draw people’s attention by incorporating interactive activities into your displays

Incorporating interactive activities into your expo booth rental moves it one step ahead of competitors. Attendees are drawn into your booth area and are more engaged will they are there. Fortunately, we have a wide selection of state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment that can level up your exhibit. 

Adding gimmicks like interactive touchscreens or simple games is a good kickstart to have an interaction between you and your target audience. 

Connect with us to design an exceptional experiential trade show booth for you.

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