Qualities of an Excellent Trade Show Booth Design Company

Successful companies are continuously looking for ways to stand out at trade shows, events, and conferences. High visibility booths generate excitement and they work to “pull and hold” attendees. It’s all about the visuals and great exhibitors understand that to ensure a positive return on investment, they should use professional trade show booth design companies to create visually stunning exhibits. 

Renting an expo booth is a cost-effective solution, but rental displays shouldn’t be one of the standard show solutions that are often boring and generic. Custom rental displays offer exhibitors an opportunity to create unique solutions that will work well to draw in clients and save them money.  

Also, remember that if you buy a trade show booth, after a year or two, there could be changes to the messaging, brand, and visuals and your exhibit could quickly become  outdated. By renting a custom event booth, you can avoid the costs and hassle of long-term storage, reconfiguration, and refurbishment. 

Many companies experience unexpected costs and problems like materials arriving late for an event. But with Vancouver Trade Show Rentals, we ensure our clients have a smooth, no problems experience. We’ve been serving companies for over 20 years and here are some key aspects of service delivery that we consistently implement to make sure that.

Here are the 5 Qualities of an Excellent Trade Show Booth Design Company

1. Up-front, comprehensive needs assessment 

A professional company will take the time during the initial consultation to learn about your vision, brand, messaging, and exhibit requirements. We do a complete pre-show exhibit analysis to ensure that all of the details are covered, including booth requirements, audio/visual equipment, flooring and furniture needs. We ensure that there are no surprises or missing items. We can even produce a 3D visual mockup of the exhibit and then make any changes until you’re completely satisfied with the layout.

Remember, it’s a good idea to start discussions with us at least three months in advance to prepare everything needed for the trade show booth. This allows us time to make any changes on the layout and visuals as needed. We can provide guidance on what materials and finish options are available to create the vision for the exhibit. 

2. Transparency and all-inclusive pricing for trade show booth rentals

Some trade show rental companies are sneaky and will try to add last-minute items as well as unexpected charges for clients. Avoid being handed large “after show invoices”. We ensure that our pricing is accurate, transparent, and complete. You’ll always know what you’re getting and how much you’re paying.

We are fully transparent and include all of the detailed line items and taxes for your project so there are no surprises. Our quotes and invoices include a breakdown of the costs of shipping, setting up the exhibit, and all of the rental equipment. 

We understand that there are enough things you have to worry about when preparing for a trade show, so our job is to make your show planning as easy as possible. 

3. Providing high-quality graphics and multimedia

Having stunning graphics and effective multimedia elements can make or break your trade show display. Successful companies are continuously leveling up their visuals in order to stand out and draw the most attention at events.

High-quality graphics are a critical element to having a successful trade show experience.  We use state-of-the-art technology to provide high-quality graphics and supply the latest, high-end audio/visual equipment for clients. We also suggest clients use high-resolution 3D hanging signs to attract attention from people who are farther away from your booth. 

4. Having qualified experts take care of set up and take down

Having an expert booth installation makes your entire trade show experience less stressful and tiring. Your entire trade show rental booth will be set up and taken down by our experienced team so your company can focus on having a great trade show.

When companies don’t hire people to do the set up and take down for trade shows, many times their team will experience different challenges if they do the set up themselves. For example, a trade show booth rental company may not have updated the exhibit’s set up instructions or not provided a scaled exhibit floor plan.

But with Vancouver Trade Show Rentals, you don’t have to worry about your team dealing with these hassles because we take care of all of the set up and take down for you, including electrical needs if it’s required. This is especially convenient for larger trade show rental displays that are 10×20 or 20×20. 

5. On-time delivery and equipment availability

If you hire a trade show booth design company that is not organized, your team could face several challenges like equipment being delivered late, getting stuck in customs, or not being available because the company forgot that it was being used by another client. Rather than take these risks, Vancouver Trade Show Rentals gives you peace of mind by guaranteeing that all of your equipment is reserved and available so it can be delivered on time for your exhibit set up.

In a recent case, a trade show rental company forgot to tell a client that the equipment they wanted to rent would be on the road with another exhibitor right before the client needed it. The equipment didn’t make it back through customs on time for inventory, a trial set up, or even the scheduled refurbishment. Unfortunately, the equipment didn’t arrive until the day of the show and the client wasn’t completely set up for the show opening.

We always ensure that all of the booth materials arrive on-site, on time, and are installed in the most efficient manner. Our motto: Don’t Stress the Set up, Focus on the Show!


If companies plan on using a trade show exhibit just a few times in a year, it’s likely more cost-effective to custom rent. 

However, not all trade show booth companies offer the same level of service and quality. It’s critically important that you partner with a professional, excellent trade show booth design company. 

Hiring a poor-performing exhibit company can result in unexpected costs, challenges, and loss of show revenue.

Always look for an excellent trade show design booth rental company that will:

1. Do a comprehensive needs assessment with the client

2. Be transparent and have all-inclusive pricing for trade show booth rentals

3. Provide high-quality graphics and multimedia

4. Have qualified experts take care of set up and take down

5. Guarantee on-time delivery and equipment availability




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