10×10 Booth Rental Design Ideas

When it comes to trade show displays, the 10×10 booth rental is, by far, the most common-sized choice. At most shows, more than 80% of the available spaces are 10×10 because show organizers know they can use these booths to maximize the number of exhibitors they can fit into the show hall. Trade show organizers build their floorplans based on these booths, and in turn, this is the size that most companies prefer.

Here is some valuable information about the advantages of the 10×10 booth and some advice on bringing your 10×10 booth design ideas to the floor.

Why a 10×10 booth? 

  • It’s a lower cost option with lower setup and equipment costs. From the perspective of companies, the 10×10 booth is an ideal size because it’s less costly to rent, set up, and equip. The compact nature of the booth allows it to be “small but effective”.
  • It can be easily and inexpensively staffed. 10×10 booths are smaller so fewer staff are needed in the booth at the show. In fact, 10×10 booths can be easily and effectively run by 1 or 2 people.
  • It’s easy to decorate. The booth has a smaller footprint and you have less floor space to fill.  There are a variety of design elements you can add to style up your booth, but keeping it simple and clean is the most effective strategy.

Now that you know why 10×10 booth rentals are popular, it’s time for you to think about some design tips that will help your booth stand out. The following are a few 10×10 booth design ideas worth considering.

Determine which booth type you’d like  

The first thing you have to consider when you’re designing your 10×10 booth, is, what booth type you’d like to execute. There are multiple booth types available for the 10×10 size, and choosing the right one will depend on things like your particular show goals, your unique company branding, the kinds of products you’re going to display, and your need for multimedia (i.e. monitors, computers etc.). Here are a few of the most common types of 10×10 booth rentals. 

Pop-Up Display

Pop-up displays are the most prevalent type of 10×10 booth rentals. This is because a pop-up display is convenient —  affordable and easy to assemble. They offer a very large, high-impact graphic surface and have a high visibility factor.

Hybrid Fabric Booth

As the name suggests, the hybrid fabric booth uses fabric graphics as its primary mode of presentation. Just like the pop-up display, the hybrid fabric booth is convenient because you don’t need to use complicated tools to set it up. But hybrids offer you the flexibility of adding accessories like shelves, counters, and monitors.

Panel Booth

The panel booth was once the most popular type of trade show booth, but its popularity has dwindled over time.. This booth type can be set up like a product showroom — you can display multiple products and services at the same time. You can even prepare a variety of finishes and fabrics to enhance the look of your booth. 

Truss Booth

The truss booth is widely recognized for its distinctive framework. Because of its structure, it appears heavier than the other booth types, but on the bright side, it’s a lot stronger and sturdier. For this reason, this is the type of booth preferred for heavier setups, such as exhibition stalls and booths that require rigged items.

High impact graphics

Once you’ve figured out which booth type you’d like to use for the trade show, the next thing to do is focus on the graphics. Use high-impact, eye-catching graphics to attract people to your booth.

Your graphics don’t need to be elegant and luxurious. Often graphics that are simple, clean with attractive colors and design elements will be enough. Just make sure that your brand identity and messaging are clear and catchy to lure in potential customers. 

Try including out-of-the-box design elements

Consider having a few out-of-the-box elements incorporated into your booth to leave a unique impression on people. 

Several companies have used all kinds of unconventional design elements — from fake trees to a giant sleigh to an alien spacecraft. Sometimes, the exhibit house itself has a stash of design elements that you can use in your booth. But if you’re looking for more options, you can head to home-improvement stores — these stores are gold mines for unique booth ideas. If there’s a theater company near you, you might want to borrow a few of their props.

There are many ways for you to find unique components to decorate your booth with. Just be creative and look for inspiration everywhere.

Keep the booth clutter-free

When you’re designing your booth, you might be overwhelmed by all the design ideas you have, and you’ll be tempted to dump all the decorations. But don’t do this. 

One important thing to remember when preparing your custom trade show display is to keep your booth clean and clutter-free. If your booth has every decoration imaginable, it will only look rushed, dirty, and unprofessional to people — which means no one will want to check it out. And you definitely don’t want to turn away any potential customers.

Choose the corner or an intersection area

Another thing that you’d want to consider for your booth is the location. Where your booth is set up inside the trade show building is crucial because there are places where the traffic of people is dense — and you should take advantage of that. 

The corner, in particular, receives a lot of traffic in any trade show building, so you should set up your booth there. Your display isn’t probably grand or massive, but at least it will get a lot of attention. Another great location is the intersection area — people also flock to exhibits displayed here.

Incorporate trade show games

To make your exhibit more engaging and interactive, you should consider incorporating a few trade show games. These games come in a wide variety — scratch-off competitions, trivia games, and Plinko are some of the most popular choices. Trade show giveaways are also beloved because people love to get things for free. 

Brainstorm with your team about the possible games you can use. And if you do plan to host trade show games, discuss what prizes you’re going to give out.


When it comes to trade show displays, the 10×10 booth rental is one of the most coveted options. And it makes sense why: it’s cheaper, lightweight, portable, and easily customizable. Spend the time making your 10×10 booth stand out and HAVE A SUCCESSFUL SHOW!

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