Top Benefits of Renting vs. Buying Trade Show Displays

Whether your company is participating in a trade show in your city or coming from outside the country, there are several key benefits to renting a trade show display instead of buying one in many situations. 

Renting costs a third of the price of buying a trade show booth

Renting a standard or custom trade show booth exhibit is a much more cost-effective option for companies. We can create a display with the same visual impact as a purchased one for a lower price. By renting, you are only buying the graphics and borrowing the physical equipment.  

With a trade show booth rental, there are no ongoing expenses like warehousing, storage fees, insurance premiums, and recurring maintenance costs. From an accounting perspective, rental exhibits are paid for as a one-time expense rather than a depreciating asset. 

When you buy a trade show display, there is a substantial fee for storing it. Even if companies choose to try and save money by storing the display at their own facility, there is still the cost of getting people to inspect it, prepare it, send it to the next destination, and getting labour to install it.

If you are participating in a trade show in another country, it is much more convenient to rent locally rather than deal with the stress of working with shipping brokers and customs regulations. 

Renting exhibit flooring and technology equipment is also beneficial because the installation fee will be included in the price. You also won’t have to find outside labour. 

Save on cost if you are exhibiting in multiple cities

If a company has trade shows in San Jose, New York, and Houston within a three-month period, it wouldn’t make sense to ship a purchased trade show display, especially if it is heavy and fragile. The shipping costs would be very high and there is greater risk of display damage because the exhibit usually arrives in a crate right before a trade show. By the time a staff member discovers the damage, it is too late to fix. There have even been times when displays arrive in multiple crates and a crate goes missing!

You can easily update your booth design and configuration

Companies are always leveling up their graphics and media with their trade show booths every year. Because exhibits can easily be outdated after a year, using a custom trade show exhibit rental allows you to upgrade your display with updated company branding, messaging, configuration, and graphics. 

If you purchase an expensive trade show booth, you will be stuck with an outdated display that you have to pay ongoing costs for storing. Companies often have new products and services to launch and it is important for the exhibit to reflect these changes to stay relevant.

We have a wide variety of physical equipment that can be configured to suit your style and vision. You can easily customize your trade show display for different audiences by printing various graphics and swapping out pieces for your booth. For example, if your company provides supplies for different professions in the medical industry such as dentists, doctors, and physiotherapists, you can rent a single trade show booth and get three sets of custom graphics tailored for each audience.  

Trade shows will have different size requirements and some companies need different booth sizes between shows. If you have a purchased trade show exhibit, it can be hard to comply with the different size restrictions. But with a trade show booth rental, you can simply rent a larger or smaller booth to suit your needs. With a rental, you can simply remove components to fit whatever size you’ve contracted for the show. A rental booth also gives exhibitors the flexibility of different layout configurations.

Rentals can look just as good as buying custom trade show booths

Some people may think that a rental may not be as customizable and look as unique as a purchased booth, but this is far from the truth! In the past, trade show booth rentals looked generic and boring. During that time, many companies had to buy trade show displays to make it fully customized. 

But now with the technology and diverse inventory we have available, we specialize in making completely outstanding custom trade show booth rentals. Currently, people can’t tell at all whether a customized exhibit is owned or rented. 

As a full-service trade show booth rental company, we use state-of-the-art technology to create high-quality graphics to effectively showcase your brand. We have a wide range of equipment that allows us to configure trade show exhibits in many different ways. There is no shortage of inventory to create the vision you have for your display.

Benefits of renting trade show booth furniture

You can integrate a variety of furniture styles with your display to create a welcoming and interactive environment for your visitors. The style of furniture you can rent depends on the kind of look you want to create, which can be a formal corporate feel or a funky look that reflects a fun work culture for example.

With trade show furniture rentals, there are no initial upfront costs and you don’t have to pay for warehouse handling, maintenance, and storage fees for the furniture. The other cost-saving is you don’t have to get a crate to ship the items to the event. With furniture rentals, we take care of maintaining, refurbishing, and cleaning the items. 

Full-service multi-city logistics for your trade show exhibit rental

Does your trade show exhibit rental need to be used in multiple cities this year? If your display needs to go from one city to another, we can take care of all of the logistics for you! We can also send your trade show display from Canada to the US or the US to Canada so you don’t have to worry about dealing with customs clearance. 

Many of our clients do multi-city trade show tours and we have extensive experience sending your booth display to the next destination. This way, you don’t have to worry about taking everything down, organizing delivery, finding storage, and all of the steps involved in sending your exhibit smoothly. We will take care of all of the details so your team can focus on their own tasks for the trade show.


There are several key benefits to renting a trade show booth instead of buying one:

  • Renting costs a third of the price of buying a trade show booth: You don’t have to pay for ongoing expenses like storage fees, recurring maintenance costs, and insurance premiums. 
  • You can easily update your trade show booth design and configuration: You can change your trade show exhibit regularly with a fresher look to reflect changes in your company branding, messaging, and graphics.
  • Custom trade show booth rentals look just as good as buying an exhibit: We use state-of-the-art technology to create outstanding displays that effectively showcase brands and have a wide range of equipment to configure the exhibit in many ways.

As a full-service trade show rental company, we can also take care of all of the logistics for companies who are participating in trade shows locally as well as going to other cities in Canada and the US. If you are sending your trade show display from Canada to the US or vice versa, we will handle all of the details so you don’t have to worry about customs clearance and all of the tasks involved with sending your exhibit smoothly.


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